Schwarzwald Fail

We planned on doing the Schwarzwald drive (Black Forest road – only 50 miles and 4 hours (!!)) today, but instead decided to linger in the paradise that is Baden-Baden a little longer.  We ate our hotel’s German breakfast (see:  lunchmeat), dropped the urchins off at the child “paradise” center (see: ball pit) and went to the other, not-so-naked thermal baths – Caracalla.  These are operated by the same folks as Freidrichsbad, the naked spa.  This more modern facility houses about 10 pools of varying temperatures (60 degrees to 100 degrees), inside and outside.  There are bubbles, jets, water cascades, fountains, hoses, whirlypools, strong current pools and whatnot represented here.  They even have a room where you sit and breathe in the magic waters in the form of a mist mixed with eucalyptus.  It’s supposed to cleanse the airways.  The point of all this is JUST GET THE WATER IN AND ON YOU IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE BECAUSE IT’S MAGIC.  It’s not a “family facility” even though you must wear a bathing suit.  The healing waters are very serious, folks and young children would find the environment to be…intense (see:  Seen But Not Heard).  A very large percentage of the population at Caracalla was old…er.  ‘Nuff said.

So the kids hate us right now because they were basically caged all weekend while we stole off to all corners of the thermal world, but you know what?  They’ll live.  We needed a getaway and we got one.  Let’s hope the healing waters did their trick and have enabled us to keep up with them for another 4 weeks until school starts. 

Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures of the town and such, so you must endure Baden Baden for one more day, but I promise Iwill not type the word NAKED ever again if you come back.  Scout’s honor.

~ by mstngsal22 on July 26, 2010.

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