My Hands are Worming Down!

Puppet came with us on our most recent trip.  My Mom got us this puppet for Griffin awhile ago at the deep discount store.  I think it was the only one there and I’m dying to know what this puppet was made for.  I’m suspicious that it might be one of those puppets for the kids to re-enact on when they don’t want to talk about things the real way, which is sad.  Actually, any puppet that is a person looks like one of those re-enaction puppets to me.   I think I might have issues.

We usually keep him up really high, because the dog wants to take him under the bed and do God Knows What to him.  Then our puppet would need a puppet, no?

So he came with us on our trip.  Paul likes to take him with us sometimes and has developed a voice for him that sounds somewhat like Mr. T.   I think it’s because the Puppet has his hat on sideways, the international symbol of street punks, circa 1983.

I go to all the shows at any price – I never miss a puppet theater with Paul.  Here is Puppet, upset because we all left him in the hotel room and went out to dinner and he didn’t have anything to do, so he’s yelling at us.

Puppet is often angry.

So then after Paul did his thing, Griffin got hold of him – I love the voice (it’s the same voice as his belly when it talks!):

~ by mstngsal22 on August 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “My Hands are Worming Down!”

  1. Which of you said your hands were “warming off” when they were getting cold?

    • Utah – it had to be me, because it’s cute and I only did cute and harmless things, not like that other sister.

      Signed, Your Angel

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