Hey All You F&**(&^%s We Throwin Some S-&*( Down Over Here in the Saturn Vue

I just think it’s hilarious, the radio here in Germany –  on an average station you get obscure 80’s songs, very current trendy pop favorites, a peppering of  cringible German pop, maybe a 70’s classic here and there and today, well we got Right Above It by Lil Wayne on the way home from the post office at noon.  

I was just kind of zoning out and driving home with Mr. Griffs strapped in the back and I wasn’t really listening until it was waaaay too late.  Remember this is Germany and the swears that are sweary in America have the same effect on Germans as us hearing bollocks or fanny (which is the worst of the worst British swear ever, did you know that??), and that is to say not much effect at all.  So there’s no beeping and bleeping on the radio like you get in the States.  They just put it all out there, which is fine if you know they’re coming, and can dial down real quick-like.

I noticed, like I said – waaaay too late, round about the 42nd F-&k to be exact.  

I guiltily checked the rear view mirror and made eye contact with Griffin who was already looking at me and listening very intently and he said, “I’ll bet this man is singing this song in the closet so that his Mom and Dad can’t hear him saying bad words”.

~ by mstngsal22 on September 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Hey All You F&**(&^%s We Throwin Some S-&*( Down Over Here in the Saturn Vue”

  1. soon you’ll get a prius so you can do covert drive-bys… word…

  2. What happened to you? Your blogging break has gone on too long. Get back to work!

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