Dampfnudeln Mit Weinschaum or alternately, Berliners!

Berliner/Steamed Dumplings


Most of a sack of flour (short of 2 lbs) leaving enough for rolling out dumplings and Berliners and leaving extra for a drier dough if needed.

4 scoops sugar using any spoon you pull out of the drawer

Pkg yeast – one square.  Don’t use the dry yeast.  It’s not real.

½ C unsalted butter melted.  Salted will kill it.  Or use some oil.  But no salt. Ever.

  • Pour flour sugar and yeast together and mix.  Add water and cover w/towel and rest for 20 minutes to activate yeast.  Will start to bubble. 
  • After resting, add butter and mix dough until wet looking and add egg.  Should be really wet looking.  Mix until dough comes together and is quite sticky.  Add more flour if needed.
  • Proof for 45 minutes or until doubled.
  • Roll the dumplings – bigger for dumplings and small for Berliners.  About 1/4 cup for Berliners and about ½ Cup for dumplings. 

**** To roll the dumplings, take dough in floured hands and put on floured surface.  Knead with a pressing circular hand motion (press hard!) taking the dough to the back of the hand, the heel, and using the other fingers to bring it around.  Press and bring around to keep ball shape.    Use the small fingers and the thumb to keep the circular shape.  You should knead these into a ball that is wetter and stickier.  Should be round and smooth like small sourdough loaves or fresh mozzarella.  Transfer carefully (lift dumpling by sides and leave top alone) to a wax papered cookie sheet for more proofing.  Leave space between for rising.

  • Proof for another ½ hour or 45 minutes until doubled.


To Make Steamed Dumplings – Knodel

Heat about ½ stick of butter in a cast iron skillet until melted.  Add about  a cup of water and bring to boil.  Add dumplings around the pan.  They’ll get bigger so leave some space.  Cover pan tightly sealing any holes with paper towels and let sit on low-med heat for about 15 minutes until water is gone and slight browning is visible on bottom of dumplings.   Do not burn but brown instead.

Take off heat and let rest for about 5 minutes before opening.  Remove dumplings and place on cooling racks.  Serve with vanilla pudding sauce or vanilla wine sauce ** and soup.

To Make Berliner

Heat about 4 cups vegetable oil in pot or deep fryer hot enough so when you insert a wooden spoon it starts to fry bubble.  Drop in two or three Berliners and fry until brown on one side.  If they don’t self-flip, then flip over when a caramel color is achieved on down side.  Fry flipped Berliners to the same color on both sides.  Don’t fry too quickly or they’ll stay doughy in the middle.  If they do turn out this way, microwave for about 45 seconds.  Should cook it.  Transfer fried Berliners to a plate lined with paper towels to soak up oil.  Once cool, roll in sugar and serve.

** Foamed Wine Cream Sauce for steamed dumplings

Combine one egg and 2 yolks and ½ C dry white wine into pot.  Add 4 scoops sugar – about ½ cup (I thought this sauce would be better savorier – try only one scoop sugar?).  Add one package vanilla pudding mix (German) and rest of bottle of wine and bring heat up to med, and whip until no lumps.  Will become foamy and thicker.  Whip 2 egg whites until stiff peaks.  Add to pudding mixture and stir until it’s thick and close to boil.  Bring off heat and sit until cool.

Eat these dumplings as a side with soup or as a dessert with vanilla sauce.  Put soup in bowl and dumpling on plate with a dollop of the wine sauce on the side.  Rip pieces off, drag them through the wine sauce and eat along with your soup.

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